Saturday, October 08, 2005

Episode 6

How long has it been since I've written anything? I can't seem to forget the wonderful town that I would love to call home. Everyone calls it Jonesport. I get ready; food, water, supplies. Then I set sail again, ready to find a new destination. Several days pass and I can no longer stay out at sea. The loneliness creeps upon me, stealing my enthusiasm. I reverse course and end up back in Maine. After a few days out, the sight of the dark leer of land fills my heart with a profound joy. I feel like I know the whole village. Anne keeps me sheltered and fed. I work at her house to help her out. Stephen, half Native American, has become a great friend. Working on his boats gives me perfect satisfaction. Fixing minor problems has never made me feel so happy. Joe buys me drinks at night and we laugh, insulting each other. He knows every soul within a hundred-mile-radius. I can't get in his truck without meeting someone new every time. I must leave here though. I can't stay in one place forever. The fact that I attempt to leave every two or three weeks is evidence of that. Overcoming the heartache of departure will be a major test. It's harder to leave here than it was to leave her. The spirits will give me strength, Stephen has told me. If I don't sacrifice a part of myself, the spirits won't protect me on my journey. The passion he has for such an ancient belief has begun to make me see what he does. I have visions at strange times of the day. I feel powers running through me that I have never felt at any time in my life. I will leave. I will go soon, but I have to say good-bye to those I care for.